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    All About Lingerie Elastic


    Do you find yourself shying away from sewing undies?

    When I first started sewing lingerie, I really did too. I don’t remember for sure what it was that made me think that sewing undies would be so much harder than other garments. Maybe the delicateness? The stretch? Or perhaps the fear that I’d never be able to make them as luxe or comfortable as the ones I purchased in stores? 


    If you can relate even slightly to this underwear-anxiety I am talking about…  I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone! I’ve felt it too!


    But I will also tell you, to put that fear to one side because there is no comparable luxury to wearing your own me-made undies! Your underwear is the first item of clothing you put on in the morning, and the last thing you take off at night. It is the item of clothing that is most personal to you because it sits closest to you. A pair of underwear can affect your mood and the way you feel. An uncomfortable pair of underwear can ruin your day but a great pair can make you feel powerful, and sexy. Underwear can liberate you. That’s why I love making my underwear, in the style and fabrics I love, just for me.



    In a previous blog post I talked about different types of lace, and how/what to buy. In this blog post I’m going to give a few tips about the different types of elastics you can use for sewing undies such as our Sutton Bralette and Panties, and where you can buy them! 


    Fold over elastic

    Fold over elastic is probably my favorite elastic to use for sewing underwear. It gives off this sporty/chic appearance and it is so easy to sew with! WIN!!

    You can spot fold over elastic in the store because it has a centre line down the middle which allows us to fold it over easily and sandwich your fabric in between to ensure a nice clean finish. 


    You can also mix and match colours of the elastic for an added touch of chic! 


    Photo: Bridge & Burn

    Where to buy: This basic fold over elastic comes in many colors!


    Picot edge elastic

    Picot edge elastic is recognisable because it has one decorative edge, and the other side is flat elastic. 



    You can attach it flat or by using the round method, I demonstrate how to do both in my course Luxe Loungewear!


    Where to buy: This is the picot edged elastic I like to use! It comes in quite a few colors.



    Stretch lace

    Stretch lace is basically what it says on the tin, it’s lace that stretches! 


    Photo: Free People                                             Photo: RhondaSheer

    Depending on the style of your undies, you can use narrow lace around the leg – using a flat technique or you can use wide lace around the waist using the round technique.


    Where to buy: Check out this stretch lace trim that comes in many fashion colors!


    If you’re looking for more inspiration you can also check out the full Luxe Loungewear Pinterest Board here! 

    If you’re falling in love with sewing undies as much as I have and want to up your intricate sewing skills, check out my online sewing course, Luxe Loungewear.

    Have a question? Drop it below or feel free to reach out to me at


    Until next time,


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