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    How to make bias tape


    Bias tape – often overlooked but a tiny detail with so many practical uses. In the last few weeks, I’ve made adjustable lingerie straps for my new Lenox cami, finished a neckline of my new Essex dress (pattern coming soon!) with a pop of contrast, and made a tiny bow for my ballerina slippers – all from bias tape!



    The handy bias tape makers I received from Texi have been the base for this creativity. Store bought bias tape is fine in a pinch, but when you make your own the doors of color matching and combinations fling wide open! These little bias tape makers are very inexpensive, too.



    But, one thing I find difficult to remember is how wide to cut my bias strips depending on the finished size I want to make. So below you will find a handy how-to for future reference for every time you want to use your bias maker! 



    There are two different techniques for using bias tape: single fold and double fold. Single fold is exactly what it sounds like, it is bias tape that has been folded once on each edge, towards the centre on the wrong side. I use this for finishing necklines or other edges.



    Double fold, is where you make single folded bias tape, and then fold it again in half. This is what I use for straps and bows.


    Okay so you now know what size fabric you need, the next thing is – how on earth do you use a bias maker? Well the truth is, it’s pretty simple. You start off by sliding your cut fabric into the larger end of your bias maker. This part helps a little if your fabric is cut on a diagonal as it slides through a little easier. As you gently pull your fabric through the bias maker you will see that the fabric is being folded as it passes through.



    I use the TEXI Bias maker and I have 3 different sizes (12,18,25mm). In most makers, there is a small groove at the top which is for if you’re having difficulty pulling the fabric through you can give it a gentle push using a pin.



    Once my fabric starts to come out of the other side of your tape maker, have your iron ready to press those folds! You can use the handy little handle on the top your tape maker to pull away whilst chasing the tape maker in the other hand with your iron. You’d be surprised at how incredibly fast this process is.



    If you want to double fold your bias, just fold your bias in half and press!


    There you have it! Have fun making your bias tape and let me know if you have nay questions below!


    Until next time,

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