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    Lanzarote Fabric Store Guide


    I don’t know about you but the first thing I do when planning to travel to a new city or country is research the local fabric stores to see what new fabric stores and gems I can find!  It’s so thrilling to venture into new shops, never knowing who or what you’ll find. I love to become immersed in local culture – eating where the locals eat, drinking what the locals drink, and buying fabric the locals buy. 


    So I thought it would be fun to introduce you to some of my favorite places to buy fabric here on Lanzarote, and drink my morning coffee, and even a cultural must-see on the way!


    Fabric Stores

    El Kilo – Plaza de las Palmas, 2, 35500 Arrecife, Las Palmas

    Okay, so I have to say if you’re looking to buy fabric in Lanzarote, El Kilo is the place you want to be, but it’s not for the faint hearted! They’ve celebrated 50 years in business and they have the fabric stock to prove it. The most common thing I hear when hanging out in there is some form of “wow, I’m feeling claustrophobic.” Yes, they have a lot of fabric. However if you have the time to dig, I promise you there are many hidden gems! They sell fabrics of all kinds, from fashion cottons, viscose prints, knits, terry cloth, quilting cottons, home-dec fabric, silks, denim, flannels. They also carry thread, notions, and all kinds of laces and trims. The shopgirls are great at making suggestions if you know what you want – and speak Spanish.



    Merceria Antonio – Calle León y Castillo, 60, 35500 Arrecife, Las Palmas

    Just a stones throw away from El Kilo, this little shop run by Antonio, a 70 something year old man who is often working on a crossword puzzle or outside smoking. He has a wall of ribbon and trims full of hidden gems. I’ve found some really nice underwear elastic here, too. Take a peek at his buttons, threads, and trims.


    Entremanos – Calle Triana, 46, 35500 Arrecife, Las Palmas

    If quilting is your thing, then Entre Manos is a must-visit. Run by an energetic Canary woman named Paz, who also has a vibrant Youtube channel with lots of tutorials (and a whopping 269k subscribers!), the shop stocks a modest selection of quilting fabrics from the USA and all the notions. She also has a workshop in the back with open mornings and evenings for sewists to come in and use the machines and space to make up their projects from fabrics purchased in store. Although Paz speaks only Spanish, the language of fabric love is universal!



    San Bartolome – Mercería & Decoración textil CHDZ – Ctra. Arrecife a Tinajo, 16, 35550 San Bartolomé, Las Palmas

    Ok, so this is probably the nicest, most comfortable fabric shopping spot on the island! The store has been recently remodeled and is shiny and clean and the staff is patient and so helpful. They stock a good selection of knits, terry cloth, and quilting cottons (not too many fashion fabrics, unfortunately). They also have a massive selection of notions and laces. If you don’t see what you like, ask them if they have any other options, and usually a neatly organized rubbermaid bin will be found and brought to the front! They also have a few Spanish pattern and sewing magazines and fun sewing gadgets that you never knew you needed (like a hot pink retractable tape measure!)



    Arts and Crafts

    Campesino – Ctra. Arrecife a Tinajo, 35559 San Bartolomé, Las Palmas

    If you manage to get up to see the Merceria in San Bartolome then I definitely recommend you make a short pit-stop into the Museo-del-Campesino where you can learn and experience some of the local crafts and gastronomy with their small workshops from local artisans. (Plus, some great photos!)

    If you’re feeling hungry there, don’t forget to check out the on-site-restaurant where you can taste local cuisines such as red and green mojo sauces and local cheeses. 

    Places to eat & drink

    Calle Real

    Calle Real is really the main commercial street in Arrecife where El Kilo is, but I’ve always found it to be the perfect place to sit and people watch! I could recommend you a specific cafe but they’re all so special in their own way. For example, in one you may get the best coffee, but in another they may specialize in Churros dipped in hot chocolate! Yum! However, I can guarantee that no matter which cafe you stop at, you’re sure to encounter some really charming and eclectic locals!

    El Charco

    Another favorite spot of mine in the city is El Charco located in the old town of Arrecife. El Charco is a beautiful little fishing port with incredible views of the ocean, and pre-covid times it was the home of some of the best festivities in Lanzarote. Here you will find a few different restaurants and places to sit (both in the sun and in the shade). My personal favorite is La Minoca, where you can always rely on a great atmosphere, delicious tapas and a taste of the local craft beers and worldwide famous wines. 

    I hope this has shown you that Lanzarote is a place with a rich culture, and you will not miss this Canarian feel in my favourite stores. From the jumbled piles of fabrics to wonderful shopkeepers, if you’re visiting Lanzarote, I encourage you to pop in to any (or all!) of the shops during your visit and if you’re not planning to visit then I hope you enjoyed a small escape and sneak peek into my home!


    With love from the island,

    the signature of Christine

    PS: would you like to share an insider’s look at your hometown fabric stores? Reach out to me!

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