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    LindyLindy loungewear


    💜 The start of something new 💜

    One of the first things people ask me when I tell them I sew is…”do you sell the clothes you make?” And the answer has always been some form of “absolutely not” lol

    Because I worked in luxury retail for years and I saw the best…and the worst. Stockrooms and warehouses filled with unsold stock, high overheads, far away production with unknown labor conditions, season and trend pressure to name a few.

    But @sewingandthecity opened the doors to the possibilities of creating something on my own terms. And some time ago, while wandering through an antique market, an idea came and I suddenly felt ready to enter the ready to wear game once again…on my own terms.

    With that, I’m so excited to introduce my new project, LindyLindy.

    One-of-a-kind and bespoke loungewear made from the most beautiful antique linens, designed & cut in my studio, and sewn by a small group of lovely women in Valencia, Spain.

    The first collection launches November 28th. A collection of loungewear robes designed with brides in mind….for the “getting ready” moments before the dress.

    I’d love to invite you to follow along as we prepare for the launch

    I can’t wait to show you more 💜


    Join the waitlist, click hrere.




    Lindy is a family nickname, as I suppose over the years ‘Lindy’ became easier to say than our last name, Lindebak lol… When asking for the name of my new project, it first became clear to me that I wanted to use my own name, but in a playful way… not as serious as to use my full name as a designer might.

    And one day, the answer I was asking for was given…I played with LindyLindy, writing it, saying it, sharing it with those close to me. It felt just like that…playful and fun to say, not too serious or stuffy but elegant. And so…LindyLindy.



    With love,




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