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    Luxe Loungewear Fabric Walkthrough


    **Update: Luxe Loungewear is now open! You can check it out here**

    I can’t thank you enough for all the great email responses you sent in response to my email on Tuesday! You shared such valuable insight and there were many overlapping struggles and wishes.

    It’s clear that we’re all navigating our new lifestyles around the home in similar ways and it’s incredible how sewing is our common thread.

    Here’s a few of the things in the “absolutely positively must be included in the course” responses I received:

    • Which needles and getting the right tension
    • How to do a small and full bust adjustment
    • A pattern for nice lounge pants and a mid thigh nightgown
    • Sewing with elastics
    • Loungewear that can be appropriate for the office or a last minute Zoom/Facetime call
    • Where to buy soft laces
    • How to sew lace on corners
    • How to make straps that are adjustable and even

    I’m going to cover all these in the course!

    One topic that came up in several responses had to do with fabric: what fabric to use for loungewear, can you only use knits, what about using wovens in place of knits?

    I figured, why wait several week until the course drops? So, I gathered my fabrics and filmed a mini training about fabrics this morning!

    You’ll also see a sneak peak of a few of the patterns that are releasing with the course! (There are 5 of ’em).

    I hope you enjoy it…and here’s to sewing beautiful loungewear!

    the signature of Christine

    PS…missed the email? Read it here and feel free to email me at!



    • October 9, 2020


      Thank you for this! Super informative. I”m sure I will reference back to it many times 🙂

      • October 10, 2020

        Thank you Wendee! That’s great to hear. So glad it was helpful 🙂


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