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    Fabric Shops In Madrid


    Join me for a trip to the local fabric stores in Madrid!



    While I was visiting the city, I set aside a whole day to shop for interesting fabrics…and interesting fabric stores I found! The 4 shops in this video are all located within a few minutes of each other near or on Calle Atocha.

    Keep in mind, in Madrid these stores close for siesta at 2pm and open back up around 4 or 5pm! Here are the links to the shops I visited:

    Ribes y Casals
    Calle Atocha, 26

    Ribes y Casals reminds me a lot of Mood Fabrics in NYC! A large selection of fashion fabrics, Liberty of London (cottons and silks), plus home dec and all the notions.


    Tejidos Paredes

    Calle Atocha, 30

    This store was a bit cramped making it harder to shop but the selection and prices are fair here. Lots of fashion fabrics, quilting cottons, and a big home decoration section upstairs.


    Julian Lopez:
    Calle de La Bolsa, 2

    By far, the fanciest fabric store I’ve ever been to! The store design is beautiful and spacious and their fabric selection was high quality and high priced. Make sure to come here with patterns and/or yardage requirements in hand so when you fall in love with that 50 euro a meter fabric you can buy just the right amount!


    Tejidos de la Bolsa: (no website)
    Calle de la Bolsa, 4

    A small mom and pop style shop with lots of fleece and juvenile prints. Worth popping your head into to see what you might find!


    Thanks for watching!

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