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    Meet our Sewing and the City Partners!


    Last month, we put out an open call for Partners to join Sewing and the City and it’s been so fun getting to know this small group of gals and seeing their creativity and makes come to life with the patterns we gifted!

    It’s time to introduce our Sewing and the City Partners and I’m so excited to share their mini-interviews below!


    Meet: Chelsea

    Sewing and the City Partner

    What are you sewing for the Holidays? I am upcycling a few of my husband’s old button-up shirts by making stockings out of them for our first Christmas together ☃️

    What I’m sewing…The Park Nightdress from Sewing and the City is currently on my sewing desk! I’m using French seams (because they’re so polished and beautiful) but plan to start using my serger a bit more once I get more comfortable with it.

    What I’m streaming…The Crown, New Girl, and Blacklist. Park Night Dress PDF Pattern

    What I’m reading…The Splendid and the Vile by Eric Larson

    Coffee/tea? Tell us your fave…Nothing beats a quality Oolong for me.

    Find her on Instagram @tick.and.tack

    Meet: Joyce

    Sewing and the City Partner

    What are you sewing for the Holidays? A self drafted new years eve dress, a Lenox shorts and perhaps a second cami and a linen self drafted maxi dress.

    What I’m sewing…a Lenox shorts is on my table currently.

    What I’m streaming…Movies and series are my background noise while I google things or search online, currently I am watching Dawsons creek, but Friends is my usual go to.

    What I’m cooking…It’s summer, so a lot of fruits, omelets, chicken and salad, and pasta for my toddler.

    Coffee/tea? Tell us your fave…Coffee! Though Fennel tea with lemon is a close second. ( Try ordering that in a coffee shop though)

    Find her on Instagram @_behindthelipstick_

    Meet: Kylie

    Sewing and the City Partner

    What are you sewing for the Holidays? Masks for everyone (!), and a few little organizers for around the house to help me with my upcoming resolution to finally get myself more organized.

    What I’m sewing…My pet project at present is my Carnegie Robe from Sewing and the City, which I am making to reward myself for Carnegie Robe PDF Pattern surviving 2020.

    What I’m streaming…I’m mostly streaming audio these days. I’m on a 20-day streak listening to Pimleur’s Modern Standard Arabic, Lessons 1-30. I had a trip to Morocco planned for this past May that I had to cancel because of the pandemic, so I’m trying to learn something productive until I can reschedule it.

    What I’m cooking…It’s soup weather! I’ve been making a bunch of soups and stews to stay warm and use up some of the things in my pantry. My current favorite is a Meditteranean lentil recipe.

    Dog/cat? Tell us about your sewing buddy…I have two tortoiseshell cats, Piccalilli (an adult chonk) and Pepperpot (a baby slonk). They both love to give me their opinions while I’m working. I tend to do my best sewing when they are snoozing; sometimes they can be a little TOO helpful!

    Find her on Instagram @modest.modiste

    Meet: Tasha

    Sewing and the City Partner

    What are you sewing for the Holidays? I’ve been keeping busy sewing re-usable gift bags and wine bottle bags for the holidays!

    What I’m sewing… Currently I’m sewing a few accessories ie scrunchies, facemask and cosmetic makeup bags to hold them all in.

    What I’m cooking… Trying new dishes all the time! I love to cook when I get the time. My latest cooking session including making homemade pork, apple and sage burgers with a zingy salad 👌🏼

    Coffee/tea? Tell us your fave… Tea! No doubt about it I can easily drink 6-8 cups a day (although trying to cut down!)

    Dog/cat? Tell us about your sewing buddy… Unfortunately, I have no sewing buddy atm, just me, myself and my singing for company… But I do hope in the future to have a little furry friend hopefully a dog if I can persuade the hubby!

    Find her on Instagram @stylesofsoki

    Hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know our partners as much as I have!

    Until next time,

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