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    My Storage Tote – Free Pattern


    In last week’s vlogg about how I’ve organized my new sewing space, several of you commented, “yes” to wanting my pattern for my storage totes. So, here it is! You can download the pattern below and check out the video I made walking through the details of sewing up your own storage tote.


    The finished measurements of the bag will be approx 15″ wide (on the tie side), 13″ deep and about 11″ high.



    1 1/4 yard or meter of fabric

    *This includes enough for the lining. You can mix and match fabrics for the sides and lining as you wish!
    I used this heavier weight home decorating fabric I found at Ikea.


    1 yard or meter of HEAVY fusible interfacing

    I used a lighter – weight interfacing in one of my totes and it turned out a bit floppier than I would have liked. So, I would recommend using the heaviest fusible interfacing you can find!


    The Pattern

    Download the pattern below and cut 2 of your outer fabric, 2 of out your lining

    You’ll also need 2 pieces of fabric cut at 37″ x 13″


    If it’s your first time using PDF patterns, be sure to watch the video below as I show how to assemble the pieces.


    The tote sews up in a very similar way to my Union bag pattern! Here is an illustration from that pattern’s directions and I also show how to sew the bag into it’s box shape in the video below:



    You’ll sew your lining and outer piece together along the top edge, right sides together. You’ll sew up and down each of the 4 ties! It’s a lot of sewing. Be sure to leave a large opening on one side so you can turn it right side out!

    Once you turn the tote inside out, if you find that your interfacing got crinkled, just give it another good press and it should smooth out again.

    Then, topstitch the opening closed and you can continue the topstitching all along the top edge, if you’d like!

    Last of all, tie your handles into a knot and your storage tote is finished!



    I hope you enjoy making your own tote and storing away all your sewing goodies! Let me know what you think and if you have any questions below!

    Till next time,

    the signature of Christine

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    • January 30, 2021


      Awesome tutorial Christine. I look forward to making these to help sort out my sewing room when we sell the bed in there. Are you able to share your design for your smaller boxes you made for your notions please? Thanks

      • February 1, 2021

        Hi Nerida! Thank you so much for your comment! Yes, that’s a great idea – I will add the other boxes, too!


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