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    New Sewing Studio!


    So…in a mash up of very good timing, I have a new sewing studio! It’s a small loft space on the top floor of my friend Almudena’s coworking/photography space!

    With covid continuing to make things unsure here, the 3 monthly coworkers that were renting spots all exited at the end of August…leaving just Almudena there. As she was telling me about it, she was sad and uneasy about the future of the space. So many things are this way lately. It’s hard to make decisions, and hard to plan.

    But after a day or so, I got the idea to take a closer look at the upstairs space. I don’t know why….well, I do actually. It’s my space!

    It works out well because Almudena and I can split the rent making it financially do-able for us both and aside from 2x weekly yoga classes downstairs (Yay) and a client of hers here and there, it’s just us two.

    The space is slowly taking shape. I scrubbed the floors (I mean scrubbed! I was sweating!) so I don’t have to wear shoes while sewing (I’m a barefoot sewist) and have been cleaning and finding the flow of the space. And doing LOTS of sewing. I’m working on a new collection of patterns and will soon be recording a new course in this cozy, creative space!

    I’ve started a collage wall, but quickly realized I’m going to need quick a few more magazine tears to cover the wall:











    Here’s a quick tour (check out the view!):


    I’ll post more when it starts coming together more!

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