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    Our newest Sewing and the City Partners

    It’s time to introduce our newest Sewing and the City Partners and their lovely makes! I can’t tell you how much I love their makes and I’m excited to hear what you think!

    Here are our 5 new partners and their mini-interviews:


    Meet: Caitlin

    What’s your approach to planning your makes? I try and plan in advance according to the seasons/temperature, but to be honest, I go more by what I feel like sewing at the time!

    Why do you sew? I came to sewing originally after doing a beginner sewing class last year and loving how it felt being at the machine! Later on, I realised I was subconsciously drawn to it as I’d given up fast fashion the year before and always loved the idea of making my own clothes – I’m an eccentric dresser so love wearing things that no one else has.

    Favorite Fabric Store…DIY Or Dye – they always have unusual and bright fabrics, two of the things most important to me.

    Sewing buddy…I feel like everyone that knows me online knows my cat Freya! She loves crashing Zoom meetings, falling asleep on my fabric, and meowing very loudly. She’s a great companion but a terrible sewing buddy!

    Find her on Instagram @caitlin_makes_stuff or Youtube

    Meet: Tara

    What’s your approach to sewing your own clothes? I like unique quirky pieces that fit my style, but my sewing approach is all over the place – a bit chaotic, but that is how I work. If I see a pattern I like, I’ll imagine the perfect fabric and search high and low for it. Also, I like to name the pieces I create.

    The Lenox

    What I’m sewing…The Lenox. It is my favorite Sewing and the City pattern because it has so many options.

    Tea or coffee? Tell us your fave…Roasted brown rice tea, ume kombucha, or a spicy chai.

    Dog/cat? Tell us about your sewing buddy…Diego is my sewing buddy, but he hates when I sew for him. He hid under the bed when I tried to take his measurements for a jacket.

    Find her on Instagram @twingo18

    Meet: Alice

    What’s your approach to sewing your own clothes? A bit of both really! I mostly somewhat plan what I’m going to make and draw a sketch of it. But sometimes I just wanna do something completely different and just grab some material and take it from there.

    Why I sew…I sew mainly because I just enjoy making things. I can’t not make things. It’s like breathing to me! Ive always loved sewing as I can make the things I’d buy in shops but they don’t sell and they always fit me perfectly!

    The Sutton

    What I’m streaming…I LOVE horror movies! So right now I’m working my way through every horror movie on Netflix and amazon 😂🙈 I don’t tend to watch many programs but I do like crime & paranormal documentaries. Oh and Alice in borderlands was amazing! Can’t wait for season two of that!

    Dog/cat? Tell us about your sewing buddy…I have a cat named Dinah. She is my world! We have a really close relationship and we’re life partners. She’s very protective over me and doesn’t like the mr being near me, kissing or cuddling me, it’s so funny! 😂 she stays with me 24/7 and is my best friend. She’s really helped through so many difficult times… cats are amazing!

    Find her on Instagram @alice.palazon

    Meet: Karin

    What’s your approach to sewing your own clothes? When I’m planning a project I think about 2 things. First, and most importantly, is the item something that I, or the recipient if it is a gift, would actually wear or use. Secondly, I try to find projects that will help me learn new techniques or improve my skills.

    The Carnegie

    What I’m sewing…I’m making 1 more Carnegie robe, using a light jersey fabric, for myself then I want to try to work with some silky fabric. Maybe a camisole nightgown or lounge wear combo… or I may just go ahead and make some more leggings with fabric from my stash. Lol. I try to make a little time to sew on the weekends.

    What I’m wearing…Scrubs. Lol. I’m a registered nurse.

    Dog/cat? Tell us about your sewing buddy…My puppy, Penny, is a 10 month old, 120 pound, St. Bernard.

    Find Karin on Instagram @kctucker63

    Meet: Nastasia

    Why do you sew? When the pandemic hit I needed a creative outlet. I was sewing before, but I really dove in and have grown so much as a seamstress. I decided last year to try to sew more for myself and my family in an effort to limit how much fast fashion we consume. It makes me so happy to see my handmade pieces get worn and handed down amongst my children. I can only hope the pieces of clothing I make and the stories behind them will continue to get passed on and bring joy to others!

    The Bleeker

    What I’m wearing…I love pairing the Bleeker sweatshirt with casual high waisted jeans and tennis shoes. It’s the perfect stylish and yet comfortable look for me to chase after my kids in.

    What I’m cooking…One of my favorite recipes right now is crispy cauliflower tacos. We don’t eat much meat, and my kids gobble this right up!

    Dog/cat? Tell us about your sewing buddy…I don’t have any pets, but my two year old son likes to come in my sewing room and play with a container of buttons while I get a bit of sewing done.

    Follow Nastasia on Instagram @poshpilar



    Comment and let us know what you think about their makes!

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