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    Pattern Spotlight: Rivington T-shirt


    I first fell in love with those $100 luxe t-shirts when I lived in LA…the kind that are super soft and fit loose but tight in all the right places…and last for years. Now that I live away from a major city, I’ve found the only place to buy t-shirts is fast fashion. The kind that make you wonder when you see them for 6 bucks (or less) and have that “fall apart after a few washes” look.


    So, like I do, I made my own! And I feel like the Rivington has been around forever because it’s become my everyday uniform for the last month. Jeans and a tshirt. Soft in a cotton viscose, the fit I love…and made with my own hands to last.



    Since the launch of the pattern, I have been amazed by your makes and just how different this easy pattern can look! So, I figured I would gather up a few of my favorites to get your creative juices flowing! Check out some of your makes below!



    Denise has made not 1, not 2, but 5 Rivington tshirts! You check out more of Denise’s wonderful makes on her Instagram: @sewlimitless. Or you can follow her blog for more inspiration and tips! 




    “A bold statement: I have found the pattern for the perfect crewneck tee!” I absolutely love Andrea’s Rivington T, in that gorgeous speckled cotton jersey it looks so luxe! Find her on Instagram: @andrea_djones



    I love the classic t-shirt and jeans style that Alexis created with her Rivington crewneck. Follow Alexis, and her gorgeous me-made style on Instagram: @myysweetsunshine




    Erica has made two gorgeous crew neck Rivingtons, the blue is a size larger than the cheetah print and in a gorgeous bamboo fabric. Find her on Instagram:




    I love this long sleeve hack by Joyce!

    Find her on instagram: @_behindthelipstick_




    How glamorous does Sherice look in her crew neck Rivington t-shirt?! Find her on Instagram: @shesomajor


    If you’re interested in a fun sleeve hack for your Rivington t-shirt, follow my tutorial for adding a puffed sleeve here!



    The Rivington pattern is a layered-by-size PDF pattern that comes in A0 and tiled printing options and fully illustrated instructions and cutting layouts. It’s sized 0-20 and includes both the vneck and crew neck options! Click here for more details.

    Thanks for reading! As always, if you have any questions, drop a comment below.

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