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    A black vintage record with pink words that say Sewing Inspiration Playlist on a white background

    A playlist for sewing inspiration

    I recently got my sewing music system all in order! It’s simple but still required charging of things and finding the best spots. The set up? A simple bluetooth speaker box that connects to my laptop. I love the way the sound fills the room with a speaker. That said, if my husband is home, I’ll usually pop in the earbuds, unless he’s game for music, too!

    Push play and start sewing stylish clothes with inspirational music keeping you in the mood!

    So, here’s to the Sewing Inspiration playlist! Listen here. I hope this playlist puts you in a happy mood and carries you through some inspired sewing.

    Click here to listen to the Sewing Inspiration playlist

    Happy sewing!


    PS…pin the image below to your Sewing Inspiration board to keep for later:

    A spinning record is playing on a red vintage style record player.

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