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    Sew Napkins With Perfect Mitered Corners!


    Hey everyone! This week I’m back with an easy project that can add a little bit of pizzazz to your dining table. We’re going to be making cloth napkins, using mitered corner technique that gives us beautiful miters. And this is such a great project for wintertime sewing as a lot of pre-work before sewing is done at the ironing board. So, if you’re cold, it’s a great way to spend a little bit of time with your iron getting these gorgeous mitered corners.

    If you want to sew along with me here’s the video tutorial or continue reading below.


    Be sure to read till the end because I’m going to show you a couple of simple yet elegant ways to fold cloth napkins, that you can fold your napkins to set your dinner table. Alright, so let’s dive in.


    Let’s talk about the fabric we’re going to use for this. Cotton poplin is a smooth and light fabric ideal for sewing napkins with Mitered Corners. I used Dashwood studio cotton poplin and another cotton poplin that I did some painting and design on. You can also use linen or any large scraps that you have in your stash.


    What you’ll need :
    Cotton Poplin
    Rotary Cutter or Scissors
    Cutting Mat


    Steps to be followed :

    Take a 16-inch finished square. I found this size to be perfect as it fits nicely on your lap and makes a practical size for home. 

    Add two inches on either side of the finished size that you’d like. Suppose, to get a 16-inch finished napkin, cut an 18-inch square. If you wanted a finished 15-inch napkin, cut a 17-inch square.  Both are great dimensions that make a useful napkin.

    I would recommend taking your rotary cutter if you have one, a mat, and a ruler.

    Lay the fabric on the mat and start by making it into a clean square piece of fabric with exact square edges.


    Take your iron, and press down on any creases on the fabric.



    Work your way around the edges by folding the edges half an inch under the back of the fabric. Proceed to do it on all the edges and press in place.


    Repeat the same process on all four edges. Fold each edge with the same width as the first turn (half of an inch) on all the edges.



    Make sure the corners are not bulky and press them evenly with the iron box. Mark the inside of the second fold at the corner.


    Unfold the second fold of the fabric and bring the corner to meet the mark you’ve made at the corner of the second fold.

    Press that corner and mark a small line where you pressed the corner.



    Fold the fabric in such a way that the corner is pointed, the edges are matched and the line we drew at the corner is on both sides.


    Keep the fabric folded and sew right along the line. Start with a regular straight stitch and end with a back stitch.


    Trim the extra seam leaving a quarter of an inch and turn the edge inside out. Voila! There you’ve your Mitered corner.


    Use a pointer turner to pull out the corners so that they appear sharp.


    Finish the other three corners the same way.


    Top stitch right along the edges of the whole napkin.


    Bingo! Your gorgeous-looking napkin with Mitered corners is done.

    Okay, now that we have our napkins sewn up, let’s take a look at how we can fold our napkins in the most simple way possible.

    Simple Yet Elegant Ways To Fold Your Napkins :

    1. To start, lay the napkin flat with the front side down. Then, fold the napkin in half and turn the open end away from you. After that, fold the napkin into quarters.  Fold the left-hand side of the napkin over two-thirds of the way as shown in the image below. Afterwards, fold the right-hand side of the napkin over to match the left-hand side. Adjust them until they are even. Flip it and place it in the center of
      your plate




    2. Fold the napkin into a square. Bring the top corner towards the center of the napkin. Fold the left side of the square and bring the right side over the left side fold. Flip it over and place it on your plate.


    3.Another simple way is to fold your napkin in half and lay it next to your plate. Ideally, a shiny napkin would be perfect for this where you can put your utensils as


    And that’s it!

    Want to save this to a Pinterest board so you have it when you need it? Just hover over the image below to pin.



    Let me know in the comments if you have any questions and be sure to tag me on Instagram @sewingandthecity if you do your own! I’d love to see! 

    Happy sewing!





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