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    Sewing Inspiration Playlist: November 2020


    What a week! With a combo of grey, cold weather, election suspense, and quarantine anticipation, I’ve been soothing in the coziest of sweaters and flannels and pulling on my Ugg boots.


    Somewhere this week, I heard an old Nirvana song and it brought me right back to the 90’s in Seattle. As a teenager in the midst of the grunge decade, I was all about Pearl Jam concerts, cameras with film, and Winona Ryder’s pixie cut – while wearing (and making!) flannel shirts and Docs.


    Seattle Angst mood board


    I can still hear my mom reminding me to, “be sure to match the plaids!” when cutting out a flannel shirt to sew. Ohhh the 90’s!


    So, for this month’s Sewing Inspiration Playlist, come as you are in your coziest wares and join me for some angsty sewing with this 90’s grunge style playlist. You’ll hear my favorite songs from Mazzy Star, Soundgarden…and of course Alanis Morisette, because it wouldn’t be the 90’s without her.


    Click here to listen to the playlist


    Wishing you a great weekend and month ahead!

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