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    Join the Sewing Slow Fashion Facebook group

    Our new Facebook community is here!


    It’s small but mighty – the Sewing (Slow) Fashion Facebook community is here! I’d love to invite you in!


    Why the name Sewing (Slow) Fashion?


    Well, I wanted the name to include sewing and fashion…because those two words perfectly describe my sewing style and the ethos of Sewing and the City. BUT, when you hear the word fashion, do you sometimes think of fast fashion and the mall stores that sell throw-away clothes? Gahh…sometimes I have that image about fashion, too. So, the (Slow) part of the group name became significant in that I think it makes the statement that, while we’re sewing fashion, it’s mindful fashion.

    While we’re sewing fashion, it’s mindful fashion.

    I’m working on some special events for the group, which no matter when you join or what time zone you’re in, you’ll be able to catch in the group – whether live or on the replay. It’s also a great place to ask questions about your sewing or share your makes…with others the get it (including me!)


    Will you join me/us? Oh, I should add – it’s free 😉



    See you there,

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