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    The Ultimate Mercer Blog!


    I am absolutely overwhelmed to be celebrating 1 year of the Mercer top! What started as one of my first patterns, which was heavily influenced by the 80’s power shoulder, has transformed to an easily hackable make which can be worn casually, formally, or basically any way you wish!



    The growing popularity of the Mercer top led to the release of the Mercer Top Curvy, our second pattern of our curvy range (see The Bowery Sweatshirt Curvy). The Mercer Top curvy features extended sizing, with the same beloved style and fit as the Mercer Top! Our model Suzie looks absolutely incredible in this short-sleeve black Mercer, which paired with a pair of black skinny jeans creates this gorgeous rock-chick look! 



    The long-sleeve Mercer Curvy looks so pretty in these cute ditsy florals too!



    Playing around with pattern hacks of the Mercer has not only been something enjoyable for me to watch you guys do, but also something I’ve been doing too! Earlier this year I hacked the sleeveless (version A) of the Mercer top into a dress using denim I hand bleached myself! If you missed it, you can check out my blog of How to Hack The Mercer Top into a Dress here, and a full step-by-step tutorial of how I bleached my denim here!



    And now the cooler weather is creeping in, I’ve hacked the long-sleeve (version B) into a dress too! Made in this silky soft black cotton poplin, this dress makes me feel not only gorgeous and feminine, but incredibly empowered too. The strong shoulders of this pattern creates a powerful silhouette, and I decided to add a little bit of elastic to the waistline too for a more feminine fit! For the pattern hacking, I followed the same process as I did with version A. The only thing I did slightly different, was to insert a little elastic into the waist band to create a more feminine silhouette!




    I have been so amazed by the love for the pattern, and of course, all of your wonderful makes! So I thought I would share some of my favorite Mercer Tops from the past year to get those creative juices flowing!



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    Instagram: @kat_at_lin



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    Instagram: @girlsinthegarden.sews



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    Buy the pattern! The Mercer, The Mercer Curvy


    Be sure to share your finished Mercer makes with me by using the hashtag #SATCMercer or by tagging me at @sewingandthecity!


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