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    6 Things To Do With Your Sewing Fabric Scraps

    Aside from making things that nobody else will have, one of the reasons why I love to sew is that I feel better about knowing where and how my clothes are made. Just like avoiding plastic in the kitchen and at the market, making my own clothes fits with a conscious lifestyle.

    But it’s hard to turn a blind eye to all the waste we create from our fabric scraps!

    So, in the zero-waste spirit, here are 6 things you can do with your scraps:

    1. Make a scrunchie

    My friend Almudena never leaves the house without her scrunchie – whether it’s in her hair or on her wrist! Easy to make, these would also make fun little gifts to give to special friends at the first meeting out of quarantine!

    2. Make a quilted face mask

    I discovered a brand called Farewell Frances on Instagram and the owner Carly has started making these adorable quilted face masks from old quilt scraps. It looks like masks may be around for awhile, so might as well make yours unique, right?

    3. Dog lover? 

    Dog lovers get ready! You can make an adorable leash, a dog collar, or even dog toys depending on how big your scraps are and how many colors coordinate. When my dog Owen was a puppy, I made him a bow tie (which he soon tore off but it was cute!!)



    4. For the cat lovers in the house!

    I’m looking forward to the day when I can get a cat and until then I’ll dream about these clever ways to use our scraps. Here’s a little mouse toy that would be so cute in bright wild fabric, and a knotted toy for batting around.

    5. Make up some chic coasters

    I whipped up a mug rug (that’s been well-used otherwise I’d show!) from some quilting scraps inspired by this shop that’s a few doors down from my old NYC apartment. Check out her tabletop items and imagine what you could do with your scrappies!


    And…to go 100% waste free with your sewing, here’s a tip from my mom who is a prolific quilter with a lot of tiny scraps!


    6. Use your tiny scraps as stuffing for beds for shelter animals

    You know all those teeny tiny scraps that you get when you trim your seams for a French seam or to reduce the bulk out of your facings? Too small to do anything with, but still can add up to a lot of waste! Check in with your local animal shelters – they always need animal beds and cage comforters! If you don’t generate enough scraps yourself for one, ask if there is a collection point person, who’ll take your scraps along with others to make our furry friends some comfy beds.


    Well, that’s it for now!


    I hope these ideas were helpful in thinking about ways to further reduce our impact on the earth from our clothes!


    With love from the island,

    PS…save this pin on your sustainable fashion sewing board by clicking the image below:

    6 things to do with your sewing scraps


    • August 17, 2020


      Loving all your ideas and sewing tips look forward to seeing more ❤️😊


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